Monday, January 9, 2012

Check the Gate

Well, apparently the filming went well. She was happy with all her "B roll" shots (whatever that means...) and with the interviews. She even used a remote control to film herself in front of the courthouse.

Panic insued after each stop though..."Oh no! I forgot to check the gate!" What does that mean? "Just film talk mom..." So, I Googled it...

When a particular camera angle has been shot, the First Assistant Camera Operator, removes the lens from the front of the camera, opens the aperture so that he can see all the way to where the film is exposed. He checks for debris, dust, hair, sand, ect. If there is a particle in the gate, then everything since the last gate check is potentially compromised and it is assumed it cannot be used. The takes will then have to be repeated.

Hmmm....hard to do on a standard digital video camera, but it sounds cool.

The first gentleman she interviewed found me in my car after they finished and complimented her (and me) on what a wonderful young lady she was and how impressed he was with how prepared she was for the interview. Yay!

Now, let's see what comes out of this. Project is due on the 20th...

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